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Found a little bug, if you click on a card twice really fast (one click for using it and another before thowing it out), the card can be used twice!

Thanks for reporting! :)

Greetings, my name is Coconut Mousse and i try to invite every board or card game creator to join my jam. The goal is everyone could have play your game without having accessory even a dice

please tell us if you are interested

Thanks for the invitation! I won't be able to make it but I'll keep an eye on the next one :)

nice! we will create another jam a few months from now 

do different circle colours on the map have different teir enimies?


Yes they do. The closer to red it is the harder it gets

thanks man. i cleared the game with a curse based deck, and malison needs some balancing as drawing 4 malison and 1 soul parasite would end up killing most things quickly.


Awesome! Thanks for playing and commenting. I don't intend to update Somber soon but your feedback will be remembered in the next update :}