Somber: Rogue is an merciless card game where you battle your way through a dungeon maze seeking the exit.

Your goal is to fight your way towards the key (blue tile) so that you can go to the exit  (black tile) and escape the dungeon!


Use the WASD keys to walk around the maze.

Entering a new tile will trigger an encounter. After every encounter if you are not deceased you will gain a random new card and will lose one of the weakest you already have in your deck.

To fight click on the card you wanna use.  Check the yellow text to know what the enemy is doing to you and play your cards accordingly . Also carefully manage your energy. Each card has a energy cost on the bottom right corner.


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do different circle colours on the map have different teir enimies?


Yes they do. The closer to red it is the harder it gets

thanks man. i cleared the game with a curse based deck, and malison needs some balancing as drawing 4 malison and 1 soul parasite would end up killing most things quickly.


Awesome! Thanks for playing and commenting. I don't intend to update Somber soon but your feedback will be remembered in the next update :}