Explore the galaxy while chilling on relaxing beats in Through Space! The goal of this game is to fly around as many planets as you can.

Once you’ve orbited the planet, jump towards the closest one. Asteroids and stars might block your path.

Time your flight and find the right angle to avoid colliding with the obstacles and getting to the next star system!

How to play:

  • Click and hold to orbit closest planet in range
  • Release click to fly off in the direction you are facing
  • Avoid colliding with asteroids and stars
  • Find a way to the goal marked as a semicircule

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Whaaaat how have I not played this before?

Very chill and yet challenging! I like how you designed the timing and different orbit speed, it seems random, but it's not!
Great job!


Thanks Taj <33

I don't do much marketing of my games I know lol